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Ferric polysulfate

Category: Catalyst and Auxiliary
CAS NO: 10028-22-5
EC NO: 233-072-9
Molecular Formula: Fe2(SO4)3
Molecular Weight: 399.8789
Product description:

Properties: Appearance reddish brown viscous liquid PFS
Other in aqueous solution can provide a lot of Fe (H20)63 +, Fe2(OH)42 +, Fe2(OH)24+, polymeric polynuclear complex ion and hydroxy ion bridging formation. It has a very high flocculation. Settlement rate. Wide range of applications

Purposes: for paint, pharmaceuticals, and used as a mordant, purifying agent and other PFS role - for the raw water purification, sewage treatment, recycling, pharmaceuticals, leather, sugar industry; a new and efficient flocculant . Mainly used for purifying drinking water and industrial water. But also on a variety of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage (such as food, leather, mining, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, paper making, oil and other waste water) purification process

InChI: InChI=1/2Fe.3H2O4S/c;;3*1-5(2,3)4/h;;3*(H2,1,2,3,4)/q2*+2;;;/p-6
Synonyms: ferric sulfate plant cell culture tested;Irin(III)-Sulfat;Diiron tris(sulphate);sulfuric acid iron(3+) salt (3:2);MONSEL SALT;MONSEL'S SALT;Diiron trisulfate;diirontrisulfate;Elliott's lawn land;Elliott's moss killer;polyferricsulfate;PFS;iron(3+) sulfate (2:3);iron(3+) sulfate hydrate (2:3:6);iron(3+) sulfate hydrate (2:3:1);diferrous trisulfate;
Molecular Structure:

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