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Ferric chloride


Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO: 7705-08-0;12040-57-2
EC NO: 231-729-4
Molecular Formula: FeCl3
Molecular Weight: 270.30
InChI: InChI=1/3ClH.Fe/h3*1H;/q;;;+3/p-3
Product description:

Alias: ferric chloride anhydrous; Iron (III) chloride anhydrous; Ironchlorideanhydrous; iron trichloride; Ferric trichloride; Ferric chloride; Iron(III) chloride, 5 wt.%; Ferric chloride, anhydrous
CAS No.: 7705-08-0
Chemical formula: FeCl3
Ferric chloride is efficient flocculating agent in urban sewage and industrial sewage treatment aspect. It has remarkable function of heavy metal and sulfide sediment, decoloration, deodorization, oil removing, sterilization, dephosphorization and etc.
It is mainly used for metal etching, sewage treatment, including, copper etching, stainless steel etching, aluminum etching. For low oil containing crude water treatment, it has features of excellent effect and reasonable price. Meanwhile, it is applied in dyeing roller curving, electronic industry circuit board and fluorescence digital tube. In construction industry, it is used for preparation of concrete for strengthening of concrete strength, anti-corrosion performance and water proofing performance. It can be used together with ferrous chloride, calcium chloride, aluminium chloride, aluminum sulfate and hydrochloric acid to prepare water proofing agent of concrete. In inorganic industry, it is used for manufacturing of other iron salt and printing ink. In dyeing industry, it is used as oxidizing agent of indigosol dye. And it is as mordant in dyeing and printing industry, as extraction agent in metallurgy industry, as catalyst in organic industry, as coloring agent in glass industry.
It has another important use which is etching of hardware, such as, spectacle frame, clocks, electronic element and scutcheon.

Synonyms: ferric chloride anhydrous;Iron (III) chloride anhydrous;Ironchlorideanhydrous;iron trichloride;Ferric trichloride;Ferric chloride;Ferric chloride, anhydrous;Iron chloride;
Molecular Structure:

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